Maximum flexibility and quick delivery through fully agile development.

Streamlined ease of management achieved with optimal task automation.

Maximum platform stability achieved through quality design and applications.


A truly flexible solution to match your exact requirements and budget

While always aiming to deliver a fully flexible, scalable, and feature-rich solution, we also understand the peculiarities of launching a multivendor marketplace with unique project requirements. To accommodate you, we can deliver fully custom or partially custom solutions based on well-established CMS

Serves small to medium scale business and used in combination with A2 SSD Fast Hosting. Best for companies looking for fast and cheaper multivendor CMS solutions with absolute control of their store, inventory, and expenses.

Magento is an equally good CMS with rich features and unrivaled flexibility to manage your multivendor store’s content, looks, and functionality. It will give you the ultimate blend of highly scalable design and a wide-ranging support network.

Used in combination with AWS for Enterprise solutions. This CMS is ideal for enterprises looking for multi-vendor marketplace solutions to accommodate many simultaneous orders and robust performance with scalable traffic.

How we get you there: Our process


Discovery Phase

As one of the most critical steps, at this point, our primary goal is to capture and document your exact vision, project requirements, budgetary constraints and to offer a proper consultation on how to best approach your project from a technical standpoint.

    • Understanding your vision
    • Formulating project requirements
    • Technical consultation
    • Formal proposal
multivendor marketplace consultation
multivendor marketplace branding

Branding & Marketing Strategy

With the help of our marketing consultants, we will capture your audience and competitor profiles and execute deep market research to formulate an effective branding and marketing strategy that will ensure the correct positioning of your service in the market.

    • Market Research
    • Brand Strategy
    • Visual Identity
    • Marketing Strategy

Discovery & Design

Due to the increased number of user-roles in a multivendor marketplace, the need for adequate planning and execution of effective UX and UI elements is critical for a seamless and pleasant user experience. At this stage, we will tackle:

    • Research & Planning
    • Interface Design
    • User Experience Design
    • Wireframe Design
multivendor marketplace consultation website design
multivendor marketplace prototyping

Prototyping & Development

Launching a multivendor marketplace demands adequate testing, and we strongly recommend the development be executed in stages. Prototyping and user-testing before final development are key deciding factors in the success of your project.

    • Concept Modeling & Prototyping
    • MVP Development & Testing
    • Analysis & Conclusions
    • Final Development

Quality Assurance

Before the formal launch of your store, our team will perform a complete quality assurance check to ensure that the store is operating flawlessly and to your satisfaction. The most commonly executed tests are:

    • Penetration Testing
    • Penetration Reports
    • Security Analysis
multivendor marketplace consultation quality

Use Cases

Below are some great examples of what our solution could help you achieve by taking your physical store online.

Our Hosting Partners

Quality hosting plays a very critical role in ensuring the reliable and solid performance of your e-commerce store. After thorough testing, we have selected and partnered with some of the best hosting providers in the market to support your entire project.

Our CRM Partners

We also understand that customer management is a hefty task. To give you a truly complete and flexible solution for customer relationship management, we offer seamless and on-demand integration with the leading CRM providers in the market.


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