30% Average Annual Growth of e-Commerce

Studies show that by 2040, it is expected that close to 95% of all purchases will be facilitated by e-commerce.” — Nasdaq, e-Commerce Statistics Report.



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As experienced e-commerce operators, we created the optimal solutions designed to equip business founders such as yourselves with the right tools to launch quality e-commerce projects.

Single Seller Store

Grow Your Reach by Taking Your Store Online

e-Commerce is a powerful tool that enables your business to go beyond the traditional limitations of a brick and mortar store. Whether you sell a single product or multiple brands, going digital is no longer a trend but a strategic move that will help you expand your overall customer reach. This particular solution is ideal for:

  • Individual companies selling a product or multiple brands
  • Businesses with small-medium physical stores looking to shift online
  • Companies with product quantity range between 0-1000
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Sollution Two B

Launch a Successful Online Multi-Brand Store

If you are looking to expand your existing business further or establish a new e-commerce project involving larger product and multiple brands, this solution will fully accommodate your needs in serving your customers with excellence. This solution is suitable for:

  • Multi-brand stores looking to shift online
  • Companies looking to launch and online department store
  • Companies looking to sell 800+ products online
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Multivendor Marketplace

Launch a Reliable & Sustainable Multivendor Marketplace

If you aim to launch a thriving multivendor marketplace, the platform’s reliability, stability, and flawless user experience are an absolute must for both end-users and sellers. Our team at Techbrand devised this solution based on the complexity of such projects and their specific requirements. This solution is suitable for:

  • B2B and B2C Multivendor Marketplaces
  • Companies looking to expand existing e-shops to 3rd party sellers
  • Companies looking to sell 2000+ products online
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Custom Projects

Do you have a unique and innovative idea for your e-commerce project? At Techbrand, our experts will accurately capture your requirements, give you a professional consultation and make your vision a reality while supporting you every step of the way.

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Mobile App Development

e-Commerce is no exception when it comes to mobile-first user experience. Whether stand-alone or an extension of your e-commerce project, our experts are here to implement your project.

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