Empower your e-commerce store with features of both native and web apps.

Take full advantage of the dedicated IOS and Android operating systems.

Enjoy complete and seamless integration options with your e-commerce store.


Stay in line with the trends by extending your e-commerce solution to mobile

With more than half of all internet traffic shopping from a mobile device, it is essential to ensure your e-commerce business is equipped with the right tools to satisfy your customers’ expectations.

How we get you there: Our services


Hybrid App Development

Target a wide user base while at the same time optimizing the app development times and ongoing maintenance. Going hybrid will allow you to create a single cross-platform extension to your e-commerce project.

    • Typically easier to develop than native apps
    • Require less maintenance than native apps
    • Easier to launch patches & updates
    • Can work both online and offline

Native App Development

Take full advantage of functionalities offered and supported by individual mobile operating systems such as IOS and Android by creating a Native mobile app for your e-commerce project.

    • Optimized to the native operating system
    • Operating System native aspect ratios
    • Operating System native look & feel
    • Able to operate offline and online

Backend and API

Whether you are developing a full mobile e-commerce solution or an extension for your web-based store, integration with 3rd party services or the other core functionalities of your site can be an essential requirement. Here we can assist you on the following:

    • App Backend Development
    • Research & Planning
    • API Compliance Check
    • API integration with 3rd party services
App Development

Mobile App Testing

We treat all of our development projects equally, whether mobile or web-based, and our top priority is always to deliver fully functional and quality products. We, therefore, offer professional mobile app testing services covering the following core areas:

    • Functional
    • Compatibility & Usability
    • Performance
    • Security

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