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Our Story

Founded in 2016, Techbrand is a Cyprus-based tech startup. We help small to medium-sized companies start, run, and grow their businesses by creating complete e-commerce solutions. At Techbrand, we believe that technology improves the world around us. That is why we support entrepreneurs by giving them powerful tools and know-how to build high-performing online stores.

Owning a few online stores ourselves and working with various business owners and organizations every day, we understand the pain points you have to experience regarding e-commerce. Either you are starting a brand new business, shifting online from a physical store, or expanding the existing e-shop, we have the expertise to get you to the next level.

Security Focused

In this ever-evolving industry, we collectively work toward achieving a safe and secure digital world. Our team works hard to ensure the data we store is well protected and accessible only by authorized personnel.

Tech Experts

Our co-founder & CEO Christos Morfos's aptitude for technology became apparent more than 20 years ago while developing websites as a teenager. He is the driving force of Techbrand, always inspiring the team to achieve more.



Business Orientated

We understand the necessity of a "growth mindset" rather than a fixed one in the tech industry. At Techbrad, we constantly push ourselves beyond the traditions and embrace transformation to build the next generation e-commerce.

The team

We believe that technology improves the world around us

We are a team of highly skilled backend and frontend developers, tech-minded project managers, and supporting e-commerce experts. Having worked in various industries, including forex and e-learning, we have gained sufficient knowledge to help you turn your big ideas into thriving online businesses.

Our specialization

“Being a developer is not about coding anymore. It has become more complex, including network infrastructure, data science, IoT, and more.”

Chris Morfos, CEO

Chris Morfos started his software developer career after graduating from the University of Bedfordshire (Computer Science & Software Engineering degree) in 2012. Skilled in e-Commerce development, prototyping, and quality assurance, he co-founded Techbrand in 2016 and has successfully led the company ever since.

“I see effective project management as the glue that holds a project together and ensures that the client’s goals are met and delivered with the highest quality.”

Panayiotis Alexandrou, COO

Panayiotis Alexandrou is Chief Operations Officer at Techbrand with a Bachelor of Computer Science  and Masters in Project Management from the University of De Montfort. Joined in 2021, P.Alexandrou plays the lead role in planning, executing, and monitoring company projects.

Our culture

Our guiding principles

Our core brand values drive Techbrand‘s internal culture and external connection, marking what we stand for and how we act.

We ensure privacy and maintain security

We adhere to strict policies and procedures to ensure the highest standards.

We are committed to delivering quality

We only engage in work and projects where we are sure to deliver excellence.

We are out-of-the-box thinkers

We always look for innovative solutions to complex problems.

We are collaborators at heart

We believe in the strength of the collective voice to achieve desired results.

We build long-term relationships & see beyond our own perspective

We take our time to pay full attention to, listen, and truly understand the people around us.

We see trust as the backbone of our company

We take the time to make our decisions & always follow through with our actions.

We are down to earth tech enthusiasts

We are passionate about technology, and we make it easy for others to understand it.

We are authentic & transparent in our communication

We always place substance and honesty at the core of our communication.

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