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Running your e-commerce website on AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers cloud web hosting solutions that provide businesses with ways to deliver their web applications. Today, Amazon Web Services (AWS) dominates a third of the cloud computing marketplace.

Why host your e-commerce website on AWS?

    • AWS Hosting solutions are ideal for websites built on NopCommerce, Magento, Joomla, or Drupal.
    • AWS gives its users access to a virtual cloud storage service, unlimited data center locations, and elastic load balancing.
    • Retails love the opportunity to run their retail websites on the same quality services as the largest online retailer Amazon.
AWS Hosting Solutions

How can Techbrand support you?

At Techbrand, we help you take full advantage of AWS by building well-performing AWS-based solutions. We are here to ensure your business’s smooth journey to the cloud. Our developers have vast experience working with Amazon Web Services and can handle all of the core requirements starting with server configuration and maintenance.

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